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All employees are trained in D.O.T. 199 for petroleum pipeline work Employees participate in quarterly unannounced random drug and alcohol testing. Results are reported to National Compliance Management Systems (NCMS) who monitor’s C&W Tank’s compliance with the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as Pipeline regulations.

C&W has successfully performed the following service for pipelines for over 27 years:
  • Emergency spill response
  • Tank cleanouts for API 653 inspections
  • Line drains for valve changout or line repair
  • Strainer basket cleaning
  • Receiving end of nitrogen purges
  • Receiving end of pigs and smart pig cleaning
  • Assistance with line flow proover-loop testing
  • Jetrodding plugged lines
  • Supply portable pumps for tank transfers
  • Daylighting (Hydroexcavation)
  • Petroleum contact water removal from roof drains
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