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Our teams are certified and skilled members and provide standby rescue service for both large and small scope projects. Not only can we provide rescue services for deep, confined spaces, but we can also provide rescue services for high angle as well.

This standby confined rescue service provides your company with a highly skilled team that can assist your entry personnel with the expertise needed to have a safe entry and exit.

Our rescue team procedure meets and exceeds:

  • OSHA regulation permit required confined spaces, 1910.146.F
     (Rescue team/rescue service evaluation criteria).
  • Requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 Section (K) (1) and (2).
  • CPR and First Aid Requirements with EMT’s available upon request.
  • There are two states of readiness for our on-site rescuers:

    Active Standby: Rescuers are partially suited-up at or near the work space and are ready to initiate a rescue operation immediately.

    Standby: Rescuers are on-site and their equipment is accessible,performing hazard assessments, developing pre-plans or some other safety related task. Let us help you evaluate your confined space entry or rescue need.